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 The Law Firm Abogados Edo offers you counseling services through this web site, as an on- line service, or, with a previous appointment for a face- to- face meeting.

Lawyer Beatriz Edo Alfonso, member of the Professional Bar Association in Valencia nº 11806, expert in Civil Law, and in particular in Contractual Obligations, Real Estate and Land Registry, is heading the Law Firm.

Aiming to a complete and satisfactory service for our clients, we have several collaboration agreements with experts directly in our office or on- line, concerning Immigration Law, Personal Data Protection, Criminal Law, Family Law, Trade Law, Civil Law, etc, tackling a huge range of different areas of law.

We have a new service, the Rental Bonus, which is very interesting for the owners of renting properties. We have also a Traffic Fines Management service in order to appeal your fines. Both services  are provided on- line.

We offer our clients a service for the adequate implementation of the Personal Data Protection Spanish Law and of the Information Society Services Law by means of our Trademark Bono-Che.

And as you can see, if you speak English, don´t hesitate to contact us!!!

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